Lightweight aluminum products for body, chassis, power system

For car doors, car hoods and car front and rear fenders, the mature product we have developed is 5182 alloy sheet. The stamping effect of 5182 alloy aluminum sheet is good. From the customer's response, the aluminum sheet has no cracks after punching.

5182 aluminum alloy, the thickness range currently produced is 0.15-600mm, and the width range is 20-2600mm (cut according to customer requirements)

The range of auto parts is relatively wide. The company has developed lightweight aluminum alloy products for automobile bottom guard plates and automobile gas storage tanks, including 5083, 5754, 5052 alloy aluminum plates, etc. 5083 aluminum plate and 5052 aluminum alloy are the most widely used in these auto parts, the actual application effect is very good, and the market response is very good. Mingtai Aluminum is currently in mass production for customers.

With the popularity of new energy vehicles and electric vehicles, the company has successfully developed products for power batteries, including 3003 aluminum tape for power battery shells, 1235 aluminum foil for battery cells, and 1060/1070/1100 aluminum foil.

For 3003 aluminum alloy, we can produce thickness range: 0.20-4.5mm, width range: 20-2600mm. 1070 aluminum foil, 1235 battery foil, the market demand materials are generally H18 state, the thickness is generally 0.012-0.02mm, the width range: 280-1200mm.

Thick aluminum plates for automobile wheels are mainly 6061 aluminum alloy. 6061 aluminum alloy is a heavyweight product developed by the company, and we have very mature technology. Can produce and process thickness range: 0.30-600 width range: 150-2600

1. Aluminum has good mechanical properties, its density is only 1/3 of that of steel, it has good thermal conductivity, and its machinability is 4.5 times higher than that of iron. Therefore, aluminum has become the most ideal material of choice for lightweight vehicles. Aluminum alloy can reduce the weight of the entire vehicle by 10%. For every 100 kilograms of vehicle weight reduction, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers can be reduced by 0.4 liters, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 1 kilogram, and fuel efficiency can be increased by 6%-8%;
2. Aluminum has good corrosion resistance, and the natural oxide film formed on its surface has good corrosion resistance, so the "all-aluminum body" will be better than the traditional steel body in durability.
3. Aluminum alloy cars reduce the weight of the car without reducing the capacity of the car, the center of gravity of the body is reduced, and the car runs more stable and comfortable. Due to the good energy absorption of aluminum, it has obvious advantages in collision safety. The deformation zone at the front of the car will produce wrinkles during a collision, which can absorb a large amount of impact, thereby protecting the driver and passengers behind.
4. In the recycling process of aluminum material-aluminum product-use-recycled aluminum ingot-reprocessed into aluminum material, the loss of aluminum is only about 5%, and its recycling performance is higher than that of any common metal.


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